All you need is…a basic cotton dress

I love my neutrals and I especially love my basics when it comes to clothing. In the store, I always gravitate to whites, blacks, and greys. I just love the look of the colors, especially a new crisp white top. Neutrals and basics are essential to my wardrobe and that is where my basic dresses come in to play.

As soon as the weather even starts to get above 50, I pull out my spring clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boots, coats, and winter sweaters, but after 6 months of winter, I’m ready to put them away.

Below are a few of my favorite basic dresses. I love that they can be casual or you can dress them up. Most of the time I throw on a jean jacket, but I also love adding a cozy cardigan for a dressy cozy look. If you can’t tell, I always try to be cozy…even when I’m “dressing” up. My town is pretty casual in general, so it’s not very often I go out in heels or I’m dressed to the nines. But wearing a simple dress makes me feel put together and like I’m dressed to perfection.

Accessories are a perfect touch too. I like to keep my jewelry simple, but love a good hair scarf. Here are some good ones. Look out for a post coming soon about how I style mine 🙂

All I have to say is don’t underestimate the effect of a little basic dress. They are easy, cute, so comfortable, and you can find affordable options as well!

Here are links to the dresses or similar ones and the jean jacket and sweaters I am wearing.

Black and Grey dress are the same and bonus, it’s on sale right now: Leith Dress

Cheaper version here: Target t-shirt dress

Blue/purple t-shirt dress: Madewell t-shirt dress

Caslon Shirtail Hem Tank Dress: Similar version here

Barefoot dreams cardigan (this is the best cardigan ever! It’s so soft and you will never want to take it off): Coziest Cardigan Ever!

Pink Sweater: Cozy Madewell Sweater

One of the best things about a jean jacket is that they go with everything AND you can splurge or be budget friendly when buying one. I have had mine for 6 or 7 years, but here is a similar version: Jean Jacket




The best DIY night

IMG_0097 2

This past weekend I went to the most fun girls night with my mom, cousin and grandma. We signed up for our first Board and Brush class!

Before you attend the class, you pick out the wood design you want to create, so Board and Brush can have all of your wood materials ready to go.

We arrived early to make sure we had time to grab a drink and walk around to look at all of the example designs. I fell in love with the place! This is definitely my style…it’s just like my “merry and bright” sign!

The class began with a quick overview of the night and then we started in on step one, which was probably everyone’s favorite part. We were all given a flat hammer to spend about 7-10 minutes banging the wood pieces to make them look more vintage. We could also use chicken wire and screws to add a few other unique looks to the wood. Then we had to sand down all of the corners and edges to make sure our piece was smooth to the touch, so we could handle it easy and no one would get any splinters.

Next, we picked our stain. There were 9 different stains to choose from and all were beautiful. I picked the All-American stain. It was middle ground between the light grey and dark brown stains. I love the natural look. We stained our entire wood piece, wiped any excess stain off and let it dry.

After the stain, you could either start in on painting you stencil, paint the wood a solid color, or do some kind of wash. I did a mix between solid and wash and did a light layer of white paint to the front part of my design. All of my furniture is white and I always seem to gravitate to it, so I knew I would be happiest adding a little white to my design.

IMG_0083 2

I went back and forth throughout the night deciding on my color. I thought about a blue color to go with my bedding, I contemplated a purple color because I have been loving all of the purple hues this spring, but thanks to my cousin I went with a beautiful green color that looks perfect! It’s natural with a little brightness, just how a fern leaf should be.


We finished by lightly sanding the paint, so it didn’t look like “new paint” on “old wood” and then put a wax over the front of the wood piece. I couldn’t be happier with my piece and I can’t wait to hang it up in my room!

I would recommend Board and Brush for everyone! It’s the perfect girls night out, you get to dive into your creative side while, snacking and socializing. What more could you want?!





Overcoming Fear

Fear. The thing that at times, holds me back. I have been wanting to start a blog to share my experiences, thoughts, style, fitness and anything else that comes to mind, but I was afraid. I was afraid to start. I was afraid of what people might think or say. I am putting that behind me. I am going for it! I’m not going to let the fear that I created hold me back. This will definitely evolve as I grow, but I am excited about this new journey. Here’s to kicking fear out of the way and letting my light shine!