Weekly Roundup 10-5-19

Here are my outfits for the last two weeks! Most things are linked to the exact item or to something similar. Enjoy!


Sweater     Leggings      Shoes       Scrunchie


Shoes     Sweater     Leggings     Vest


 Jean Jacket      Top     Jeans       Scrunchie


Sweater     Top     Leggings    Shoes     Bag


Vest      Top     Leggings      Shoes


Jean Jacket       Dress      Shoes     Hair Scarf


Top    Shoes    Sweater   Scrunchie

Feeling confident in shorts

This is a post about styling my favorite flowy shorts, but it’s more than that. At the end of April, I pulled out a most of my summer clothes and as I was trying on some of my shorts, they just weren’t fitting right. They were either too small, they seemed like they were too short now and I just felt blah. I looked at myself in the mirror and started feeling bad. I did a little power shopping before my little brother’s graduation because I knew I was going to need shorts. It was going to be 90 degrees and humid every day and I needed something that was going to be comfortable, cute and I would feel good in it.

Most of my shorts were actually from college and my body has just changed some. My cute tight shorts are still cute, just not as much for me anymore. So, I decided to try something a little different in the store and found a bunch of flowy shorts. I bought a couple pairs and brought them home to try on. I got home to my surprise, I loved them. They were fun, flowy, and felt fantastic on. I wasn’t feeling blah anymore and felt confident in them! I knew these were keepers and I would be bringing them on my trip and wearing them all summer!

It just got me thinking more. I wanted to go through my closet and give away anything that didn’t make me feel amazing. If I didn’t feel good in it, then it needed to go. What is the point of keeping something that might make me feel bad. I want clothes that fit, I feel confident in and can throw on and feel great in all day. This is how everyone should feel when they wear their clothes. I have always loved clothes. It is a way for you to express yourself. There are so many different styles and colors and everyone can be different.

Here are a few ways I styled the flowy shorts!

The first way is with my favorite white sweater, neutral colored mules and high-waisted leopard print shorts. I love how it’s simple and neutral, but the leopard print adds a little fun to the outfit.

Shorts            Sweater          Shoes

The second way I styled the shorts was a little more casual. I took my favorite white tank and tied a knot in the front (this is my go to, especially on the weekends) and put on some tan sandals and another great neutral outfit.

Shorts                 Top                  Shoes

Then I traded out the sandals for the mules again and added a jean top. This would transition the other outfit for an evening summer outfit. I keep it pretty casual in the summer especially in the our tourist lake town, so the way I dress up is normally throwing a dress on and calling it good to go. So, I love this shorts and jean top combo, for a casual cute outfit for dinner.

Shorts            Top          Shoes

I kept the jean top on and switched to green shorts and my tan sandals. This is great for a lunch out, some shopping downtown, or just bopping around town.

Shorts               Top             Shoes

My final outfit I did with the green shorts was with my favorite lace tank and jean jacket. I like to keep my outfits simple and can be used in multiple ways. As you can see throughout the outfits, I reuse pieces. That is one of the great things about neutrals, they go together and with everything else.


Shorts          Tank            Jean Jacket          Sandals

I’m sure I’ll be adding a few more flowy shorts into the mix, but these are my favorites right now. I hope everyone feels confident in themselves, I know it’s something I have to work on at times. But, sometimes the right outfit can help!

Weekly Outfit Roundup

My weekly outfit roundup – Everything is linked…or something similar if it is sold out or from a few years ago.


Dress         Earrings       Scrunchie      Rug          Lights


Swim Top        Swim Bottom         Scrunchie        Beach Bag


Jeans             Top           Shoes


Top                 Pants             Shoes


 Top              Skirt            Shoes


Tank        Pants        Shoes      Earrings


Sweater         Skirt         Shoes

A Fun Surprise with Wide Leg and Flowy Pants

I recently tried out a pair of flowy pants. I was actually feeling a little discouraged because I was trying on my spring/summer clothes and they were all feeling a little tight from the winter. Anyway, I found a pair on sale and tried them out. When I got home I put them on and wow! I felt great! They are so comfortable, so flattering and very cute!

I normally stick with skinny pants or leggings and I have been trying to branch out. The two flowy styles shown below have a paper bag waist, which is super flattering. It shows off your waist and hides other parts…for me it’s great. I have a small waist and don’t always want my butt and thighs accentuated. These are great! I love wearing them. I love that I can move, feel comfortable and still feel fashionable.

The green pair I am wearing below are more structured. I got them on sale at Anthropologie. I went in to return something and went into the dressing room with a few items. Per usual, one of the ladies working there brought me a few additional items to try on. One of which was these green pants. I put them on and it was magic! I wanted every color! This is normally what happens going into Anthropologie. I go in looking for one thing and one of the ladies working there bring me something I would probably never try on myself and it ends up being something better than I could have even thought.

If you think wide leg or flowy pants aren’t your thing, maybe give them a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Here are a few ways I styled the pants. There is a little bit of everything! Links below 🙂


Navy Floral Flowy Pants

Pink Lace lined tank

Jean Jacket

Block Heel


Green Wide Leg Pant

Flower Cream Top

Tie Cream Top



Flowy Pants

White tank

Slide on tennis shoes

Styling the Perfect Summer Sweater

Since I live in Michigan, I pretty much need a sweater with me year round. Our summer night are often cool and I like having a lightweight sweater with me. I am also almost always cold indoors, so I like to keep a sweater with me at work, shopping, going to the movies, and whatever other indoor activity I do. I love this white sweater because it’s lightweight, bright and looks great with everything! This is also perfect for Memorial Day Weekend styles too!

Here are a few ways I style the sweater! I use a lot of neutrals and repeat some things. I like the neutral colors because everything goes with each other and you can mix and match outfits.

The first way I styled it is with my favorite pair of flowy shorts. I love the neutrals together. It’s so cute and comfortable and an easy outfit to throw on!IMG_1697IMG_1695 2

Sweater               Shorts                 Shoes

I also style it with a pair of jeans. I normally don’t like wearing jeans because I don’t find them that comfortable, but the pair that I styled them with are so comfortable. They are definitely my go to pair when I decide to wear jeans.

IMG_1759 2IMG_1763

Sweater              Jeans             Shoes

The third way I styled the sweater is a little dressier. I would probably wear this to church, a nice girls brunch out, or maybe a summer date night!

IMG_1772IMG_1770 2IMG_1777

Sweater            Skirt           Shoes

The final way I styled it is a great weekend outfit. I would definitely wear this bopping around town running errands, out with friends, to the farmers market….really anywhere! It may be a dress, but it’s so comfortable. This dress styled with the sweater over top and knotted is perfect! I added some slide on tennis shoes to keep it casual and there you go! The perfect weekend outfit!

IMG_1784 3IMG_1789

Sweater       Dress        Shoes

Enjoy! I can’t wait to see everyone styling their summer sweaters!

Weekly Outfits Roundup!

Links to my outfits from this past week. Enjoy!


My Outfit:

Top              Jeans             Shoes

My mom’s outfit:

Jacket        Top          Jeans        Booties


Madewell Sandals    Jeans      Off the shoulder floral top      Black Dress     Green Shorts    Lululemon shorts     Leopard Shorts  Creme Tee   Floral Tee    Pink Lace Tank     White Lace Tank    White v-neck tank    Live Fully Hat     Bag (similar)    Shoes


Top       Pants       Shoes


Top         Shorts         Sandals     Scrunchie


Tank     Shorts     Shoes     Bag     Scrunchie


Dress      Sandals

My Brother’s shoes


Dress      Sandals     Bag



Outfits of the Week

I decided that at the end of each week I will do a post with all of my outfits from the week. Then if you want to shop something specific, you can!


Albion Fit Top   (same style, but my pattern is sold out)   Sunglasses

 Albion Fit Striped Bottoms


Sweater         Top          Pants           Shoes        Bag


Sweater         Top          Jeans           Shoes


        Top             Jeans             Hair Scarf


Top           Pants         Slippers


Top                       Jeans                      Shoes

How to style your hair scarf

One of my favorite ways to add a little fun to my hair, is to tie in a hair scarf or bandana. It is the perfect touch of color and the perfect accessory to a simple basic outfit. Most of the time when people think of accessories they think of jewelry or bags, but putting a scarf on is one of my go-tos in the spring and summer.  Even your hair needs a little fun 😉

I love pairing it with my basic dresses (see post here), jeans and a white tee, and really any time I’m wearing all neutrals.

I normally wear it as a head band or tie it around my pony tail. Here are just a few examples of different scarves/bandanas and how I wear them in my hair.

I hope you feel inspired to try one out this spring!

Here are a few hair scarfs if you don’t have any of your own:

Madewell Floral Pattern

Anthro Floral Silk Scarf

White with flowers