After Christmas ,I felt like I wanted to go through all my clothes and do a major purge. I was feeling cluttered and wanted to feel refreshed in the New Year, so I decided to go through everything and sell what I could and then donate everything else!

One thing for sure is that I love clothes, which sometimes makes getting rid of things difficult. But I have been working on only keeping what I actually wear and what I feel good in. So I stuck with that while I went through everything.

I made three piles, keep, maybe and toss. And I tried to make the decision quick. I wanted my closet and drawers to not feel overstuffed, so things needed to go. After I went through everything, I went through the maybe pile and actually ended up putting most of it in the giveaway pile. I figured if I was wondering, then it was probably time for it to go.

Next, I went through the toss pile and separated anything that I might be able to sell. I took those bags to Plato’s closet and whatever they didn’t buy went with everything else to Salvation Army. I do sell sometimes on Poshmark, but I things haven’t been selling recently and I wanted everything out of my house. I didn’t want to be tempted to keep one of those items from the maybe pile 🙂

Once I got home, I clean and organized all of the “keep” clothes, vacuumed and felt so refreshed. I’m going to go through everything in the spring again and donate anything I didn’t wear this winter, because if I didn’t wear it this year, then I probably won’t wear it next year.

These are just a few of my tips, but I’ll be sharing more this year as I work to minimize the amount of “things” I have and work to keep only the things that make me feel good every time I put them on!

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