I recently tried out a pair of flowy pants. I was actually feeling a little discouraged because I was trying on my spring/summer clothes and they were all feeling a little tight from the winter. Anyway, I found a pair on sale and tried them out. When I got home I put them on and wow! I felt great! They are so comfortable, so flattering and very cute!

I normally stick with skinny pants or leggings and I have been trying to branch out. The two flowy styles shown below have a paper bag waist, which is super flattering. It shows off your waist and hides other parts…for me it’s great. I have a small waist and don’t always want my butt and thighs accentuated. These are great! I love wearing them. I love that I can move, feel comfortable and still feel fashionable.

The green pair I am wearing below are more structured. I got them on sale at Anthropologie. I went in to return something and went into the dressing room with a few items. Per usual, one of the ladies working there brought me a few additional items to try on. One of which was these green pants. I put them on and it was magic! I wanted every color! This is normally what happens going into Anthropologie. I go in looking for one thing and one of the ladies working there bring me something I would probably never try on myself and it ends up being something better than I could have even thought.

If you think wide leg or flowy pants aren’t your thing, maybe give them a try. You might be pleasantly surprised!

Here are a few ways I styled the pants. There is a little bit of everything! Links below 🙂


Navy Floral Flowy Pants

Pink Lace lined tank

Jean Jacket

Block Heel


Green Wide Leg Pant

Flower Cream Top

Tie Cream Top



Flowy Pants

White tank

Slide on tennis shoes

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