I love my neutrals and I especially love my basics when it comes to clothing. In the store, I always gravitate to whites, blacks, and greys. I just love the look of the colors, especially a new crisp white top. Neutrals and basics are essential to my wardrobe and that is where my basic dresses come in to play.

As soon as the weather even starts to get above 50, I pull out my spring clothes. Don’t get me wrong, I love my boots, coats, and winter sweaters, but after 6 months of winter, I’m ready to put them away.

Below are a few of my favorite basic dresses. I love that they can be casual or you can dress them up. Most of the time I throw on a jean jacket, but I also love adding a cozy cardigan for a dressy cozy look. If you can’t tell, I always try to be cozy…even when I’m “dressing” up. My town is pretty casual in general, so it’s not very often I go out in heels or I’m dressed to the nines. But wearing a simple dress makes me feel put together and like I’m dressed to perfection.

Accessories are a perfect touch too. I like to keep my jewelry simple, but love a good hair scarf. Here are some good ones. Look out for a post coming soon about how I style mine 🙂

All I have to say is don’t underestimate the effect of a little basic dress. They are easy, cute, so comfortable, and you can find affordable options as well!

Here are links to the dresses or similar ones and the jean jacket and sweaters I am wearing.

Black and Grey dress are the same and bonus, it’s on sale right now: Leith Dress

Cheaper version here: Target t-shirt dress

Blue/purple t-shirt dress: Madewell t-shirt dress

Caslon Shirtail Hem Tank Dress: Similar version here

Barefoot dreams cardigan (this is the best cardigan ever! It’s so soft and you will never want to take it off): Coziest Cardigan Ever!

Pink Sweater: Cozy Madewell Sweater

One of the best things about a jean jacket is that they go with everything AND you can splurge or be budget friendly when buying one. I have had mine for 6 or 7 years, but here is a similar version: Jean Jacket




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